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Relesaed Date: 29th November 2018
Movie Rating:
Movie Name: Robo 2.0
Director By: S.Shankar
Cast & Crew Rajinikanth,Akshay Kumar,Amy Jackson,Etc..
Genre: science fiction Filim
production House Lyca Productions/Dharma Productions/AA Films
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2.0 2018 Full Movie Review Live Updates:

Movie Done. The end titles rolling with Yanthra Loka Sundari song. Keep watching mtwiki.info for the complete review
Date & Time : 07:02 AM November 29, 2018

Now, its time for the climax fight sequence between Chitti and Akshay Kumar
Date & Time : 06:48 AM November 29, 2018

Akshay Kumar is back as Pakshi Raja and attracting the public. To restrict him, Vasee initialized Chitti 2.0. Football game scene is on now
Date & Time : 06:38 AM November 29, 2018

Flashback completed. Now, a few scenes of Akshay trying to take revenge on Vasee and Chitti are going on
Date & Time : 06:28 AM November 29, 2018

Akshay Kumar's fight for "Save The Bird" campaign scenes are on now
Date & Time : 06:13 AM November 29, 2018

Post interval Akshay Kumar's flashback is being narration with Bulliguvva song playing in the background
Date & Time : 06:03 AM November 29, 2018

First Half Update: So far, the film is decent with a few engaging scenes here and there. Graphics work is okay. Second half proceedings are going to be crucial for the film
Date & Time : 05:55 AM November 29, 2018

Vasee using Chitti and Vennela (Robot versions) to restrict the bird and the proceedings lead to the introduction of Akshay Kumar. Break now
Date & Time : 05:53 AM November 29, 2018

All set of the fight sequences between Chitti and the bird. Huge graphics and VFX shots are being showcased
Date & Time : 05:46 AM November 29, 2018

It's time for the introduction of a massive bird. On the other hand, Vasee relaunches his Robot (Chitti- The Updated version ) to save the public
Date & Time : 05:40 AM November 29, 2018

The second murder of a cell phone provider company owner killed. Vasee approaches Military for the help. A few scenes related to it are being showcased now
Date & Time : 05:30 AM November 29, 2018

Cell phones are slowly transforming into a bird. The VFX work and 3D effects are top-notch
Date & Time : 05:20 AM November 29, 2018

Vasee along with his team of Scientists are trying to find the reason behind cell phones flying. In the meantime, the first murder of a cell phone seller happens on the bed in between phones. Vasee (Rajinikanth ) and Vennela (Robot version of Amy Jackson) start an investigation on the murder.
Date & Time : 05:13 AM November 29, 2018

As showcased in the teaser cell phones started flying now. A few scenes on a public discussion regarding phones flying are on now
Date & Time : 05:00 AM November 29, 2018

Movie takes off with the suicide of an old guy who is a bird lover. Now, the film shifts to Vaseegaran's lab. Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson are introduced in a simple manner
Date & Time : 04:54 AM November 29, 2018

Titles rolling now in an intriguing concept with 3D graphics...
Date & Time : 04:48 AM November 29, 2018

Hi the film has just started and its runtime is 149 minutes
Date & Time : 04:42 AM November 29, 2018

Interview: Rajinikanth

Q) What is the major difference you have noticed while working with Shankar for Robot and 2.0?
A) Shankar had handled Robot quite well. But in comparison, his confidence levels were quite high while working on 2.0. Especially, I noticed a lot of brilliance in the way he extracted the best work from foreign technicians while shooting 2.0.
Q) But Shankar said in a recent interview that he was never as nervous for any of his earlier films as he was for 2.0.
A) As far as I had noticed, he was never under pressure while making 2.0. Perhaps he was under pressure during the film’s post-production, as he was not happy with the quality of the VFX provided by the previous studio. But finally, he is quite happy with the quality.
Q) 2.0 has many action sequences. Did you face any challenges while shooting them?
A) Although I didn’t feel 2.0 that challenging, the bigger challenge was Robot movie. It was the first time that I had shot such action sequences in my career. I must credit Shankar for making my job easier this time for 2.0.
Q) Tell us about 2.0?
A) All I can say is that just like millions of movie lovers, I too am eagerly waiting for 2.0’s release. There are world-class VFX and a strong story in 2.0. I am pretty confident that 2.0 will be a huge success.
Q) There is a feeling that a world-class movie like 2.0 is not being promoted well.
A) I feel that 2.0 doesn’t need promotions. The advance bookings are being sold out already. But NV Prasad who’s releasing 2.0 in Telugu is unnecessarily spending a lot of money on promotions (laughs).
Q) How was it working with Akshay Kumar?
A) Akshay Kumar has worked quite hard for 2.0. No one else could have done this role except him. He is the main reason behind such a quality film. Even AR Rahman has come up with a superb soundtrack.
Q) Your Telugu fans have been eagerly waiting for 2.0’s release. What do you have to say about them?
A) Telugu people are very generous and that’s why everyone likes them. Even the great Tamil poet Bharathi had praised Telugu people’s generosity. Coming to 2.0, I am as excitedly waiting for 2.0’s release as Telugu audiences. In fact, I am as excited about 2.0 as I was about my debut film Apoorva Raagangal which released in 1973.

Robo 2.0 Full Movie Detailed Info

2.0 Full Movie Details Cast & Crew,Full Movie Download Details,Torrent Details,Production Values
Directed byS. Shankar
Produced byA. Subaskaran
Raju Mahalingam
Written byS. Shankar
Akshay Kumar
Amy Jackson
Music byA. R. Rahman
CinematographyNirav Shah
Edited byAnthony
Lyca Productions
Distributed byLyca Productions
Dharma Productions
AA Films
Release date
  • 29 November 2018
Budgetest. 543 crore

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